Competition Team

Broadway Bound Competition Team

 We want to congratulate our Broadway Bound Competition Team for their amazing performances at the 2017 Boogie Fever and the 2017 Ultimate Starz Dance Competitions!  The team received Platinum and Ultimate Platinum awards, Grand Champion awards, 1st Place Shooting Star Awards, along with instructors receiving Judge's awards among many others!  All dances placed in the overall category, as well as dances receiving group and individual champion trophies for the highest scores!   Soloists received convention scholarships!  A special congratulations to Addy Hoak, Ashley Borgman, Sophie Truchon, Rylee McGirr, and Ava Sannella for being chosen for Nationals!  There are too many trophies, ribbons, and medallions to count! The most honorable award received at this most recent competition was for Superior Sportsmanship!  INCREDIBLE!  Thank you to all our parents for your dedication and commitment and for raising such wonderful kids!  They all shine inside and out!  

Anyone who is age six years or older and who is interested in being a member of the team is welcome to complete an “interest” form.   We are looking forward to building a group of dancers to represent Adagio in seasonal conventions and spring competitions.  Broadway Bound plans to fulfill dreams and create opportunity for dancers to grow beyond their recreational level of dance. Team members will be selected in the last week of May, 2017 based on skill level, age, maturity, dedication, and dancer/family commitment.  At that time, we will notify selected dancers of their placement and begin classes in late June. Please be aware that we will only select dancers whom we feel are able to take on this commitment.  If interested dancers are not selected, they may be eligible to compete at a later time.
Requirements:  If you have danced at Adagio for six months or longer, you are required to attend two summer technique camps.  If you are a new dancer to Adagio, you are required to attend three summer technique camps.  In addition to summer camps, each dancer will be required to attend a combination class. This class will consist of review of required skills and instruction of a short combination that will be performed in groups of five.  No formal auditions will be necessary because we will be choosing the team members from our observations in the combination class.   

**Please note that this competition team is not mandatory.  Parents and dancers who do not wish to participate in competitions are not obligated to join.   Since the competition team will be a separate entity and will not be part of the regular dance curriculum, all participants are still required to attend their regularly-scheduled dance classes.  These required curriculum classes will allow our dancers to continue to learn new skills and improve technique without taking away from competition preparations.